Quite simply, APARTMENT is setting new standards in eating and drinking in Newcastle. Our home, which has been three years in the making, is within the imposing 1899 Collingwood Buildings, and has been designed around a Manhattan style apartment which boasts plenty of warmth, comfort, and character. It does this using exposed brick, solid walnut as well as huge original 1899 ?warehouse style? windows and glass atriums.

APARTMENT is filled with luxurious leather chairs too lounge on, soft sofas to sink into, two beautiful bars, an incredible restaurant, and a seductive cocktail and members lounge. Add to this low-level lighting, a superb sound system, and a service to die for, and it all sounds too perfect! Welcome to APARTMENT ? vibrant, individual, and uncompromisingly modern.

Throughout APARTMENT there are various areas, each with individual characteristics to suit your mood. If it?s people action that you crave, then position yourself in the main drinking area where two stunningly styled bars are comprehensively stocked with an array of draught and bottled beer, as well as spirits and wines from around the globe. If you?re out with a group of friends then why not take over our Living Room with its sumptuous velvet drapes, or if you feel like getting ?couched up? then try the deep seating in the Bedroom. For daytime coffees, there is the Gallery Room, a purpose built art space for local, national, and international artist to flaunt their talents ? the ideal meeting place to chat and watch the world go by.

A special mention must also go to:

The Front Room

Our Front Room is an intimate and exclusive Cocktail & Members Lounge where every drink imaginable can be consumed in rare style. Admire the passion and invention of our mixoligists, as they prepare a maelstrom of flavours using only the finest spirits and fresh fruit. Once again, the level of service presented to you will be extraordinary. If you want a grown up, welcoming, and relaxing space with the best drinks in town, then we?d love to see you in the Front Room.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room is a high quality restaurant serving an excellent selection of modern and imaginative dishes ? without being afraid to keep it simple when necessary. We offer a fresh angle on fine dining, with subtle and seductive lighting creating a very comfortable and unparalleled mood, worthy of the exceptional food and extraordinary service.

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When the countdown begins before the big day, one of the most important points to make is the pre-wedding photo session. It represents the last moments in which they are engaged before starting their life together, which makes it very special. In addition, couples usually use the pre wedding photographer photographs of that session to illustrate their “Save the Date” in invitations and social networks, because through the images it is possible to express the love they feel and enjoy an intimate moment and that is where The importance of choosing an appropriate wardrobe for photographs that will last for the rest of their lives is clear. If you do not know exactly how to dress for a pre-wedding photo shoot, then pay attention:

Classic Timeless / Elegant

One of the most popular options for couples who want to get married is to use a set that sticks more to the elegant, with long dress and heels for her and suit or tuxedo for him. It is the perfect pretext to use a beautiful white dress that does not become the bride. While promised, you can wear a suit that you like and that may not be as formal as for the wedding.

Fun / Casual

If what you want is a session that is more attached to fun, relaxed style and  effortless,  then we recommend that you choose to wear jeans and flats with a blouse that you love and dark glasses. The groom may choose to use even sneakers and some leather jacket. The idea is that they feel comfortable rather than too fixed.


To better understand the romantic look we recommend you to be inspired by films like “La La Land”, where dresses with short backs, bright colors and high heels are the best option. The groom can use a dress pants with a shirt and suspenders vintage style . The result will be phenomenal.

5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Today’s Hotels

Marketing for hotels is not something today. Hotel establishments have always put into practice different techniques to get themselves known and increase their volume of business. However, as time passes and new technologies are imposed, hotels must adapt the marketing strategies they adopt so as not to lose business opportunities. We are going to shell out some of them. 


1. Take advantage of the possibilities of Mobile marketing

In this age of Internet and smartphone phones, few things are more important than having a website and a booking engine adapted to the mobile. Users are increasingly making inquiries and reservations using mobile devices and tablets and hotels can not afford to lose these potential customers. In fact, according to a recent Google study, 39% of users use mobile devices to plan their trip.

On the other hand, the accommodations can also advertise their services through ads specially designed to be seen on the mobile.


Local search opt

2. Optimize web page for local search (local SEO)

Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is essential to make the website of our hotel easily accessible on the Internet. But in addition, it is very important to optimize the web so that it appears in the results of local searches and thus obtain nearby potential customers. Precisely because there are more and more smartphone phones, the search for local hotels is increasing.

That is why seo gold coast is essential to optimize the profile of the establishment in local directories and major search engines. In addition, to launch a consistent message and increase the credibility of our accommodation, we should always try to use the same information.


3. Encourage customers to leave comments

It is more than proven that the positive comments that customers write about the hotel have a great effect on the business: they increase click rates and improve the conversion. For this reason, hotels should dedicate a section of the website to show them and encourage customers to, once they leave the establishment, leave comments on the web pages of opinions, such as TripAdvisor. In addition, customer comments on pages like Google Plus Local also help validate it as a trusted business.


4. Have a good presence in social networks

Although hard to believe, there are still hotels that are reluctant to be present on social networks, or do so in a very residual way. If your hotel is one of them, you should get into the car as soon as possible to avoid losing business opportunities. The time that users spend on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks like Google+ or LinkedIn does not stop growing. The image that we project in them can help us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and to customer loyalty.

Email symbol on row of colorful envelopes


5. Fidelize customers through email marketing campaigns

Loyalty to customers who have already stayed in our establishment should be one of the main objectives of our email marketing campaigns. We can inform about the new services and facilities of the hotel and offer discounts or promotions if they book through the website. These are two of the main actions we can take to keep our clients interested and to decide to repeat their stay in our accommodation.

Amaia Salamanca’s bow at Gran Hotel, its beauty secrets

Amaia Salamanca creates tendency always makes any appearance. The Spanish actress has just released the second season of Grand Hotel , in Antena 3, and again looks gorgeous, thanks to its beauty secrets and supuestísimo, to both his personal and professional life will smile. We present here the bun star Amaia Salamanca.

The protagonist of Gran Hotel, a series set in a Spanish hotel at the beginning of the twentieth century, sports a collection and spectacular dresses. Which we like is the semi-collected , ideal for a romantic evening .

The Amaia Salamanca in Gran Hotel is very easy to do. With the stripe in the middle , some loose strands on the face, then left ondularlos. After a secluded low, which can be combined with becomes twisted or loose strands . It is advisable to help with forks and thus make it more or less informal.

Besides the collected, to copy the look of Amaia Salamanca in Gran Hotel, the makeup plays a fundamental role. The actress, who has a beautiful smile and a very good raw material, has confessed more than once that what she likes to highlight of her face are the eyes. In fact, rather use the mascara, eyeliner on the upper eyelid and the lower eyeliner and pilaten after washing face.

Both in real life and in fiction always opt for a natural look . Amaia choose very natural blush tones soft, warm hues. The same happens with the lips, natural colors is passionate and committed to the nude lips with a slight sheen. Although it is his look for the series Gran Hotel, both the collection and the makeup are trend in full 2013.

Choosing and Installing a Projector in your Home or Apartment: Things to Keep in Mind

What do I need to know before buying a projector?  

  • I do not know if you buy a projector or a TV great. What is better?
  •  I want to know what to take into account when buying a projector.
  • How can I install a projector at home?

If you, dear reader, have the idea that the projectors are a business exclusivity and education center; You are completely wrong, as companies make a lot of profit from the home projector.

Leaving aside the business of this sector; then we will give you a few tips so you can decide better if you want a projector or not and, importantly, how it should be installed.

 Tips for Choosing a Projector

Surely you have doubts about whether it is better to buy a good TV or a projector, and what features should have the projector that you want to put in your home. Here you will find two basic guide tips so you can make this decision:

TV or Projector?

If you’re a movie buff and would like to have a comparable sensation that you have in the room a cinema, a projector is the higher quality option . As indicated in this article from Engadget , from 46 inches the value is better compared to a television screen.

In any case, you have to keep in mind that maintenance must be continuous: check the lamps, take care of the projection screen or take into account the luminosity in relation to the apartment where it is installed.

Full HD

Now, for those people who do not have enough knowledge on projectors, what model can be recommended? Buy a projector Full HD is a good choice; In addition, the projection distance of many domestic models allows a smaller margin: two meters between the projector and the screen may be sufficient to see a good projection (around 80 inches as standard).

Tips for Installing a Projector

Do you have to take into account when installing a projector? Here are several tips for you, once chosen the one that best suits your needs, you can install easily the project taking into account all the factors necessary for your perfect viewing. Let’s go there:

 Minimize the light of the environment

To install a projector, the first thing to keep in mind is the brightness of the room of the floor or house. Try to minimize the ambient light (remove it, for obvious reasons, it is almost impossible). You should look for a room wide enough so that it can be used without problem and handle the daylight filter, lowering the blinds or closing the door, for example.

   You may not need a screen

The living room of home is usually the chosen location, since its amplitude invites to place a screen of projection. Depending on the consumption and characteristics of the space you can opt for a fixed or motorized installation (the latter very reasonable and usual). But in many homes  you can take advantage of the white walls -impolutas- to focus the projection.

 You can hang it, but it is not essential

Installation is feared in many homes, but no longer a myth. What you have to be clear is where you place the projector, as well as the margin space left in the room for projection. The device does not have to be hung, can be placed without problem on a table with the condition of being the same level as the screen where the images will be captured. Even so, if you decide to hang it from the ceiling so that it does not take place, the support must be strong enough. If you prefer this second option, it is best to consult the projector store for the necessary mounting tools for a particular model or brand.

Eye with cables

The wiring must be hooked up to the power supply area of the projector. In this sense, it is advisable to use a cable HDMI for connecting the device to a player, satellite TV receiver or computer.

In any case, whether you decide to hang the projector and put it on a table, you must meet one condition: the cables must be protected . On the floor and cutlery if the appliance is placed on a table; Or through the wall if you opt for a ceiling mount.

 Set it well before

Finally, never forget to do some testing with the device before exploding its features: look regulating the focus the lens, align the image with zoom and video sources (TV, receiver, PC) are optimal.

For example, in the case of computers you have to look at the output jack: if it is an HDMI (better resolution and usual in recent computers) or a classic VGA if the model is not recent (poorer quality). Visit heimkinoleinwandtest.de/heimkino-beamer-test/ for more information.


All hotels that here we recommend, are known to us and have been thoroughly inspected to make sure they are hotels with the right philosophy to manage patients who have the necessary features and services that normally requires a patient Recovery.

Naturally you can choose other chiropractor near by hotels, our policy is precisely to give the patient a TOTAL freedom to use only what he decides he wants, but these hotels that we are recommending here comply with what a patient normally needs are known, They do not pay to appear in this section and these are factors that for some people may be important.

Important Note: Unless otherwise stated, all rates are in Colombian pesos (COP)

Casablanca93-273The Hotel CasaBlanca-93 is a new hotel, designed and intended for the attention and care of patients, and is located near some of the most important clinics in the city, with all the services required by a patient and the more comfortable rates that can be found for a hotel of its category, from $ 130,000 per night (with breakfast).


BOSQUE-ALTO2-270High Forest – Apartasuite  is one of the best options when seeking absolute tranquility, good decor and all services. In Alto Bosque will find a terrace surrounded by gardens with a beautiful view of the city, where you can also enjoy a relaxation area, gym, wet area with sauna, steam and Jacuzzi, plus a suite as the photo, which is The simplest. The fee is $ 180,000 plus tax per night for 1 person. The rate includes the Bosque Alto breakfast and from Monday to Friday, light meals are offered according to the chef’s letter. The rate includes: accommodation, internet, maid service, safety deposit box and use of Turkish, jacuzzi, sauna, gym and terraces).


101Park-house-270The Hotel 101 Park-House is a very spacious hotel, superbly decorated and with a very good kitchen. This hotel also includes Spa with Sauna, Turkish and Lap Pool, Gourmet Restaurant, private car transport, “One Day Spa” with Water Circuit, Gym, Facial Treatments, Body Relaxation Rituals, Beauty Salon. The water circuit includes: Turkish bath (3 chambers with different temperatures: 20ºC, 35ºC and 46ºC), Sauna (temperature 55ºC), Lap Swimming Pool (swimming pool with hydrotherapy jets and resistance against current). Turkish Bath (3 cabins with temperatures of: 20ºC, 35ºC and 46ºC), Bathrobe, Towel, Sandals, Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner.

Wifi in all areas of the hotel –

Apto-Elite-p-marginElite apartment – This apartment is located in one of the classiest neighborhoods in the city of Bogota and has the luxury and comfort that you can have in your own home. It has 320 meters and a beautiful garden. The apartment has 3 excellently furnished bedrooms, a dream kitchen and a living room that you will never want to leave. It is the ideal place to have the privacy you need for your recovery. Book at least two months in advance is necessary .

The cost of this apartment varies according to several factors but stands aalrededor of US $ 300 a day.

Hotel MarboréMarbore-MarginAmong the hotels that can be recommended to patients, Marboré Hotel is along the Casablanca-93 with one of two affordable hotels in all. At least of the ones that can be recommended. Naturally you should not expect sophistications of any kind, but in this hotel everything is “right”. Its minimum fee is $ 149,500 including taxes. The cost of the menu of the day is $ 12,500

This hotel is located near 100th street with race 19, which classifies it as a “well located” hotel, without it being right next to the clinic where you will be operating.

Swites-Real-97-273The Hotel Suites for Real 97 is a hotel that probably pleased as it is in itself, by its familiarity, its environment and its design. It is a hotel in which one does not mind being for example with the face wrapped in gazas, or with any other aspect, is a hotel designed to be comfortable and without problems.The Hotel Suites for Real 97 is located in the north of the city in a good area, close to the places that usually requires a patient and nightly rate is very comfortable, costs per night per person : $ 208,800  including taxes.

Club-House-270Hotel Club-House – This hotel has some special features, because it has a price in Bogota is considered “medium-low”, as is the minimum rate having $ 190,000 including breakfast, but also has the none of your price range has :   one (!!!) spa, and out of that is what many all- – not always appreciate, and that is a small oratory. In addition, this wonderful hotel has a gym, a beauty salon, a mini-theater, free Wi-Fi, transfer to the airport, a pleasant terrace, laundry and ironing service, meeting room and of course a restaurant.

To know the value of a hotel in your own currency,.


SantaBarbaraReal-270The Hotel Santa Barbara Real is an excellent choice for those who will be attended by doctors or dentists in the area of 120th Street to 130th Street, and between races 7 and 11. It has a specialized service hotel-airport transpoprte Vice versa, with the following costs: airport-hotel: $ 21. From the hotel to the airport: US $ 17.

The Santa Bárbara Real offers two restaurants, one small for breakfast and another from 10 am to 10 pm for meals. It has several types of rooms and the simplest has a nightly rate of $ 185,600 including breakfast buffet.

To know the value of a hotel in your own currency.

Casa-Sarita-270Casa Sarita – Certainly the cheapest hotel we can propose for those wishingmanage a very small budget. GALLERIES located in the neighborhood, with a per person, per night, taxes included of $ 65,000 . It does not have breakfast or restaurant but very close there are 2 restaurants and a bakery. The hotel has a la carte service, ordering by phone to restaurants outside Casa Sarita.

There are no special facilities or amenities, although each room has a private bathroom, closet, cable TV, refrigerator with drinks and snacks, microwave oven available, maid service, changing of beds and supply of towels and soaps. Laundry service.

To know the value of a hotel in your own currency.

. Guest Eucaris Alambra – Opportunity for those who want facilities for surgery. Not for anyone looking for luxury of any kind. This excellent option offers you twice, two different possibilities : 1) version only bed and breakfast included, for $ 125,000 per night, per person.  2) Version all inclusive, with the following services included in the price: FIVE (5) meals : desyuno, snack at 11, lunch, tea and cookies at 5pm, and evening dinner. Transportation airport-hotel and vice versa. Transportation to appointments for control, surgery and exams. Wifi. Private bathroom. Washing of clothes. Floor nurse . Rate for everything quoted: $ 250,000. Reservations: Phone (57) 318 716 6043 and 315 893 1611. Ask for Eucaris . . To know the value of a hotel in your own currency.

How to clean hotel rooms

You can clean a hotel room in 30 minutes? And in 20?
The answer is yes.
But the fact remains that the finished work may not be the best, especially during high season and this is a detail that worries us, because it involves directly the opinion that our customers can take our hotel.

In today’s housing sector it has become particularly important opinions that customers leave on the various social networks. It is therefore vital not give the opportunity to a complaint which can not account can affect the reputation of our business.

When our guests enter the hotel room has been granted, they expect to see a perfectly clean and tidy room, as if they were the first to release it . We can not afford to stay somewhere with a minimum of dirt, nor can we forget that we pass any details of presentation. After show you how to reduce waste from a restaurant in the previous article, we introduce how to clean hotel rooms for you to get total satisfaction of your customers.

In this article we will:

– The cleaning work to be done in a room

– Convenient order to perform the tasks

– Cleaning products recommended

– Products Welcome to hotel

How to clean the room of a hotel

Hotel cleaningFor proper cleaning of the rooms, we should be clear that our goal is that the next customer who enters the room, you must have the feeling that is debuting for the first time. The most important for a flawless result, recommendation is to perform all the tasks that make up this work in the same order every time , and never olvideramos any corner or any work. Excellent cleaning is achieved only with the connection between the various departments of cleaning a hotel: laundry areas, lingerie and management must be united and perfectly coordinated.Here we present a list of tasks to be performed with the most effective and satisfactory framework defined by the cleaning staff, housekeepers and hotel managers over decades of experience.

Cleaning a hotel room step by step:

1. Open all windows for ventilation.

2. Collect all waste that customers have left and no longer serve. If we find any piece of clothing or any items of value that have forgotten, we will keep on the hotel site intended for lost items.

3. Remove all bed linens , carpets and used towels and send to the laundry section.

4. Check that all lights and electronic appliances in the room to work , if not, must notify the hotel technician.

5. Clean the bathroom . If we start cleaning the bathroom, we gain time for the room and the mattress is aired. The first step will be cleaning the tiles with a damp mop not scratch. Next, we apply disinfectant products , especially in the toilet, thus remove germs. We scrub the bathtub, sink and shower enclosurewith a product made for this purpose and dry them with a rag. We clean the mirrors with a spray bottle and go over the metallic elements. Finally, we put the towels and amenities in its assigned place and put a new garbage bag in the trash.

6. Make the bed with clean, ironed clothes.

7. Clean the room always in the same order to make sure we do not leave no corner. First we will draw the dust of cabinets and furniture and then clean up the windows and glass. Then we will replace the hangers , pens, candy, water and other products welcome. We must remember to close the windows and draw the curtains.

8.  Finally, sweeping and mopping the floor of the room and the bathroom.

Cleaning products

We have all kinds of cleaning products specific for each task and stop surface to achieve an active, fast and with perfect results work. We need disinfectant bath products , cleaners for glass and glazed surfaces, multipurpose and dusters for furniture and mop for surfaces.

The http://londoncleanltd.co.uk/rug-cleaning.html & Cleaning Carts greatly facilitate the cleaning of hotel rooms and buildings with many rooms. Allow for easy transport and light cleaning buckets filled with water and chemicals.

A simple accounting software for entrepreneurs and hotel business owners

It is true that the entrepreneur must know at least the three main financial statements are: Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow, although only a basic form. This task should be performed by your accountant but it can be done by the same entrepreneur with the help of a computer program.
One of these programs is XERO Online Bookkeeper , specialized for bookkeeping software your company.
Among its most important features it is to be able to see your cash flow in real time, automatically import your financial transactions, create and automatically send invoices and receive payments online.



The most interesting thing about this software is that you can see everything you need on one screen with a presentation much like WordPress, you can check your bank balances, recent sales and upcoming bills.
You can reconcile your accounts in a foreign currency if desired. Manage your personal expenses is simple with only review and approve your receipts. The presentation of its financial reports contain quick links to all original transactions.
Other options:
  • better manage their expenses and make bill payments to creditors large amounts.
  • See their customers and major suppliers to follow up immediately.
  • Tracking the movement of stock and billing even easier with inventory items.
  • easily upgrade fixed assets and depreciation schedules accurate information.
  • Simple budgeting tools to stay on top of spending and savings goals.
  • Security
A new feature now allows you to track your accounts through a mobile form application for smartphones such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.
If you are unsure can try the free version and pay nothing until you are ready, you can then choose between different packages as “Small” to US $ 19 / month, ideal for entrepreneurs, “Medium” to US $ 29 / month, ideal for small and medium businesses and “Large” to US $ 39 / ideal for business transacting in foreign currencies month.


Generally, many starts in the morning, and in the morning begins with café. Naturalmente, the desire to prefer a cup of aromatic and delicious drink. But most excluded people habitual.Y instant coffee all for the moment, to stand in the kitchen and cook a divine drink, usually in a hurry are not enough.

But progress does not stop, and went on sale today coffee and coffee machines for home – appliances , give pleasure and incredibly tasty aromatic cup of coffee.

if you are in thought, to buy or not a “helper” this or have been close to an election, but lost among all products offered, read our tips on how to choose a coffee, best $500 espresso makers or an espresso machine for home, depending their types.

How to choose a coffee machine for home11

First, we must understand the difference between a coffee machine and a machine café.Café – is a device that requires attention

a person in virtually all stages of the preparation of the coffee making apparatus is – is a fully automatic device that does not require large expenditures enough to fill the grain and choose what kind of coffee you want to get a result humano. Es time.

It should be noted that many manufacturers focus attention on the fact that they would be called to coffee machines coffee exclusivamente. El argument is that the device itself is quite complicada. Caída of these tricks or not – it’s your own business. but we’re not going to keep talking about the manufacturers, and call things by their name.

Types of coffee machines and coffee machines

coffee come in various types:

  • French-press or French press;
  • drip, which are also called filtering; geyser
  • The second name – steam;
  • carob, to put it simply – the espresso;
  • combined; capsule
  • .coffee maker

can be:

    • home or a coffee machine for home – enough to put the grain in a special compartment and press the button inicio.El is the most expensive coffee machine, the greater the variety of drinks that can be cooked in it; semi
    • – Designed for offices, small cafes, easy to use;


  • – It is able to provide 300 people per hour, however, the quality of coffee in a coffee machine rather unstable.

To help you understand the difference between all the above terms, we explain each separately.

coffee “French press”

comfortable house french press coffee machine

French coffee for home-Press Photo

French press coffee Vitesse11

advantage of this device in the simplicity of use: no need electricidad. En coffee machine to make coffee that can not only coffee but also tea.

Outwardly, this looks like a coffee machine cylindrical form made of resistant glass calor. En the interior, which has a piston with a metal mesh filter.

to make coffee in the bottom of the coffee machine is required to pour the required amount of coffee molido. A then fill it with boiling water, cover, the piston must be elevado.Deje stand for 5-7 minutes.After time assigned above, skip the plunger lost to filter coffee grounds and pour the drink into a cup.

give preference to a coffee machine, it should be understood that: the whole process

  • : Fill the coffee, the temperature of hot water is poured desired, follow the time, lower abs and pour the coffee – you have to do yourself;
  • in a coffee machine “French press” is not possible to prepare a cappuccino or other drinks, besides the usual coffee, brew
  • This coffee should be immediately before use;
  • similar process eliminates the possibility of entrusting their children, as the coffee boiling water is used;
  • taste of coffee prepared in a device of this type is not perfect.

But, despite some shortcomings, coffee “French press” is a budget and easy option for hogar.Porque is best suited finely ground.

drip coffee

Home type coffee filter Russell Hobbs 18514-56 Floral Cottage
drip coffee house Scarlett SC-038
drip coffee Bosch TKA 8633

more complex device, “French press”, but, nevertheless, very comfortable, and most importantly – safe.

drip coffee consists of 3 main parts:

  • special compartment for cold water and clean.The has a clear calendar, so you can see how much liquid is filtered and controlarlo.Por example, some coffee machines have two scales, one for the strongest and one for less strong coffee ;
  • bowl in which the filter assembly includes a filter coffee.The nylon with a escala.En it can determine the amount of coffee must verter.Basta and this filter is usually 60 tazas.A then can buy a disposable filters – which are discarded after use with motifs, gold or filter – that will last for long, but will have to wash it after each use; bowl
  • filtrado.En coffee ready to drop taza.Sama coffee falls into the bowl is placed on an ad hoc basis – metal plate that supports the required temperature of the coffee, so it will not cool.

If you chose to filter coffee makers for the home, you should consider a few things to buy:

  • less energy to his assistant, tastier and stronger coffee is obtained;
  • in the more expensive models, it is possible to maintain the temperature of hot coffee after a trip of a special compartment for heating water drip valve
  • used to drink the remains have not been placed on the surface of the metal plate when the cup is removed from the cafetera.También can shut off the flow of coffee, although in the compartment with water there is still líquido.Por example, if you want get a strong drink, water accumulates in the filter, enrich the aroma and sabor.Asegúrese to take into account, so that the filter will not have accumulated too much water, then the risk of damaging the device runs;
  • Modern bowl for finishing coffee can be put in the microwave;
  • more convenient to use the traveler to the filter and non-removable;
  • So, if you selected the coffee has a special compartment, which must be removed after using the cable.

For the type of coffee coarse filtration is the most suitable coffee.

Geysernaya coffee


Geyser professional coffee Bialetti
Original geyser coffee makers, such as 3 servings Bialetti break

It can be manual or coffee eléctrico.Manual geyser coffee is placed on the stove or electric coffee fogón.géiser connected via a cable to an electrical outlet.

This coffee is composed of: water compartment

    • ;Filter
    • in which the coffee is poured;

cooking pot

  • – Already preparing to drink through a special mesh that prevents the coffee grounds.

to brew coffee in a coffee machine geyser, you must do the following:

  • purified water pours into the compartment for the water of that mark;
  • to fill the coffee filter without problems, but not to stamp;
  • install a filter in the water compartment;
  • top game coffee;
  • It includes a coffee maker in the outlet or put on low heat;
  • when the water begins to boil, it will pass through the filter, and then through a special tube will result in a cafetera.Si at the time of coffee entering the lid open coffee, you see this interesting process that is very similar to a geyser natural.A through this process, this helps households and earned its name – geyser coffee;
  • whistling indicates that the water of the bay is over and the coffee is ready, turn off the coffee machine, or remove it from the stove.

manual coffee advantage is that you can adjust the hot water: the slower the process, the richest get coffee.

Recommended for coffee geyser middle ground coffee: something between a Turkish and milling drip coffee maker.

coffee carob

Espresso coffee bean types Jura Impressa F50 ECO
locust bean coffee house Philips Saeco HD 832511

Ideal for connoisseurs of café.¿Sabe you what kind of coffee bean espresso is prepared and it was on the basis of this drink can be prepared?:

  • cappuccino, latte
  • ;
  • lungo
  • Espresso espresso Italiano.máquina

It comes in two forms:

  • steam – is designed for 3-4 tazas.El process of making coffee for a while, pump therapy
  • – It is under increasing pressure, due to which the process of making coffee takes less coffee consumption lowers the quality of the drink is much mejor.amantes cappuccino

should pay attention to this point: some carob coffee machine with automatic feeding milk foam in others should be added manualmente.En the first case, the coffee will cost more.

In some types of espresso machine is enabled, you can use capsules café.Por So you will not have to clean the coffee machine in the terreno.Pero the type of coffee bean machine price this feature will higher.

Another option, which affects the cost of the coffee machine is the ability to simultaneously cook two different coffee: cappuccino and espresso.

combined coffee

  • tea combines DELONGHI BCO 420
  • Combined maker DELONGHI BCO 260

Includes features of the espresso machines and goteo.Además an assistant you can cook at the same time a large number of droplets of coffee and a cup of espresso fuerte.Sin however, when buying a hybrid of this type, there to understand that more maintenance is required, as well as various ground coffee.

capsule coffee makers and coffee machines

Delonghi Nespresso ES 265 coffee capsule CWAE11

A number of manufacturers offer this type of coffee and machines café.Su advantage is that it is not necessary to grind the coffee and calculate the amount needed to produce cerveza.Basta to install the cápsula.También by this coffee is easy to care for, that It does not require a thorough cleaning.

disadvantage of this type of coffee is that the number of types of coffee, which can be prepared in it, is very limitada.Y the cost is not cheap capsules.

How to choose a coffee machine for home

As already mentioned, the coffee machine has different capacity productiva.A as the device for home use, there are more choices and options to make fácil.La first coffee house may have a small or medium-resource, depending the number of members of the family kitchen coffee or how often organize meetings with customers.

Some models include the use and pods and ground, while others have been incorporated into the amoladora.En the latter case, it is important to pay attention to the grinder did not work too ruidoso.Por this coffee house should be equipped with sound insulation.

In most cases, the model for home use are compact in size and nice design, they do not have sverhskorostey and easy to cuidar.Tal time someone thinks it’s just a fad or trendy gadget for the kitchen, but it know what that means to you is a good espresso at home.

Prices for coffee makers and coffee machines for home vary large enough gama.Por Therefore, most of them can cost $ 200-300, and others, and multifunctional machine modern fully automatic espresso will cost $ 1000-4000.El cost a lot depends on the availability of the screen, a variety of functions and additional features such as pre -wetting, faster cooking, the presence of a special platform to heat coffee cups with features, and much more.

best coffee machines and coffee machines for home manufacturers offer as Saeco, DeLonghi, Bosch, Krups, Philips, Jura (Jura) and several well-known brands.

Bosch Coffee TES50321RW11

Today you can also select the coffee machine for moderna.Tales kitchen embedded models are hidden in the niche closet as well as microwave ovens, furnaces and easily formulated as necesario.La great advantage of this choice – a perfect design, but also it corresponds to the price – coffee machine built will cost 600 to $ 5000 and encima.Ellos offer the luxury of the leading manufacturers of appliances, including these known ones like Electrolux and Miele.

Miele coffee machine built in modern interior

understand all the complexities of these devices, you can safely go to a large shopping mall to buy or choose the right vehicle for coffee in tiendas.Y let your chosen coffee house or morning coffee filled the unforgettable aroma delicious coffee.

Customer loyalty: the Nespresso case and Hotel

How to attend a host of Japanese nationality who is your spouse just died upon arrival at the hotel?  With this tough question began Albert Alvarez his presentation last week at ESIC Barcelona.

School gave me the opportunity to invite two rapporteurs to accompany me on my talk to partners of Coffee Forum , the first non-profit organization in the coffee sector in Spain.

The issue to be addressed: customer loyalty. So I thought to invite David Rodriguez and Carlo Calvino of Nespresso -for obvious reasons being goers Coffee Forum- and Albert Alvarez -Director General of the Hotel Avenida Palace – being the hotel industry a world where customer loyalty plays a key role.

Albert put us in the context of tourism in Barcelona, reminding us that it is the fifth city in the world where it is overnight and the fourth most cruise passengers, to put some macroeconomic data on the table.

The Avenida Palace hotel, with about 50,000 customers a year and located in the center of Barcelona, took very seriously that of loyalty, and that is, a prime location is not everything.

Albert told us two actions had been essential to achieve this:

  • Create the figure of Ambassador Hotel. A person is responsible for receiving guests and take them to the slightest problem arises or at the least of the complaints. Since we had Albert, this ambassador had even take a customer to the airport at the difficulty of taking cabs that day in Barcelona. “Small actions like this get deeper into the heart of our customer than any other” we said Albert.
  • Change the mentality of all the staff. In the Avenida Palace no beds are sold, experiences offered . The treatment at check in / out, advice on the attractions of the city, complaints management, accompaniment to any complications, etc. Everything, as a whole, loyalty.

How to attend a host of Japanese nationality who is your spouse just died upon arrival at the hotel? Thus began this post and so Albert went on : “This will not teach in college, no one explains how to deal with a situation of this caliber. The human quality of the hotel staff with that philosophy to offer an unforgettable experience, beyond a nice room to stay, was the key to managing this sudden crisis. ” This resulted in:

  • Hire a translator.
  • Talk to the embassy.
  • Provide psychological help.
  • Manage the paperwork involved expatriar a corpse.

All this added value, which has nothing to do with selling beds, provides a hotel like ours.So we do not compete with Airbnb , Albert answered, when asked one of the assistants on the online portal known private rental.

Come up with Nespresso:

David and Carlo began his presentation noting that loyalty begins with the employees themselves.

We showed a study by Bain & Company where employees explained unmotivated, or little faithful, costing between 5 and 10% of the total costs related to RR. H H. Start loyalty closed doors (employees) is crucial to make it out (customers).

nespresso compatible capsules sg is clear that companies compete only for a good price or product are condemned to die sooner or later, the key to success is to offer a brand experience.

To offer a high quality coffee is shown to help significantly to improve retention rates. The coffee in our country has very positive connotations, beyond the product itself. The data showed us that spoke offer a customer a good coffee while you wait, increases by 25% the chances that it recommend us.

Two stories, two sectors and two very different companies, but with a common denominator:  customer loyalty as the center of their respective strategies.

Thanks to the Hotel Avenida Palace and Nespresso for coming to share your experience!


Are you going to move to an English speaking country? If so, you probably need to go find a flat to rent. Speak English on arrival might seem a challenge, but finding and negotiating a place to stay should head your list of priorities.

Avoids what could potentially be a stressful and difficult situation if you are not familiar with the rental system to read, know and understand como aprender ingles sozinho em casa. You’d be useful to surf the Internet and establish a conversation in English in search of the property of your dreams!

Landlord (Owner)

When you are looking for an apartment to rent, this is the person you need to impress. An owner is simply someone who owns a building, renting land or property. It is also the name given to someone who owns and runs a pub, as many old pubs used to rent rooms for guests.

Tenant (Tenant)

The person living in the apartment

Roommate (Roommate)

Often you will see applications from people seeking roommates, as well as property. When English roommate sought, it means you can rent a room in a house or apartment that already has tenants. So if you do not want to share with other people, then avoid this. Usually the cheapest way to rent and also could make friends easily.

Flat (apartment or floor)

Studies are often the cheapest option as they have a living room and separate bedroom is all in one open space. Sometimes there will be a bed, sometimes it will be a sofa bed that folds. The kitchen area could be divided from the main room, or simply be a counter and cabinets along one wall and the bathroom could be the only separate room.

Utilities (Services)

A service used by the public. For example, gas, electricity or water.

Professionals only (professionals only)

Sometimes, when people are renting they specify that a property is available only for professionals. This means that the property is only available for people who are working full-time, stable employment – so no students or people living on government benefits are allowed. It might sound discriminant for students, estereotipándolos as noisy and unreliable, but it really is just a way for owners to attract working people who can pay the rent.

A 1/2 or 3/4 bed bed of 4/5 bed property, etc. (Property of 1/2 or 3/4 bedrooms 4/5 bedrooms or bedrooms, etc.)

When you see a property advertised with 1/2 rooms, or the like, it means that the property has one or two bedrooms. This means that one of the rooms is actually the living room. So a property of a bedroom with a living room could be used as a place of two rooms for two people, but it means you need to use the living room as one of the bedrooms. It is a tactic that some owners use to earn extra money from their properties and a way to save on rent if you are willing to forgo having an area separate living room.

Furnished / Unfurnished (Furnished / Unfurnished)

When you rent a property you need to look if furnished or unfurnished, which means whether or not furniture. This information should be presented in any ad you read and it is important to take into account – fall in love with a floor because your furniture is very good if it will not be empty on the day you move in!

Contract (Contract)

Once you’ve found the flat or house of your dreams in English, you’ve already done much of the route and will be eager to sign it. This is where contracts fall. Typically last 12 months, a contract is a legal obligation written between you (the tenant) and the owner in which states what you can and can not do on the property and the minimum time that must stay. Termination clauses, usually after six months, are increasingly popular because they allow you to leave the property before the end of the contract without penalty. A contract that is automatically renewed every so often is more flexible, common in apartments, where the tenant only have to give one week or a month in advance that you will leave the property.

Lease / Rental agreement (Lease / rental)

A legal document that says the time for which the apartment will be rented, by whom and on what terms (conditions).

Damage deposit (damage deposit)

This is one of the first things that the owner will ask after signing the contract. It is a sum of money – usually between four to six weeks or two months rent – you must pay in advance to protect property from damage that can cause. Some unscrupulous owners are known to see this deposit as an extra source of income and often find the smallest of details to give back only part or just do not give back anything at all.Avoid these delicate to make deposit insurance or by insisting that the funds are kept by the Deposit Protection Service if you are in the UK situations.

Rent (Rent)

The amount of money that the tenant pays each month.

Other tips to find a flat in English

The most common places to find listings are online classifieds, newspaper or on the bulletin board of your local supermarket. It is always a good idea to learn more about the place first. Start by calling the advertiser and ask:

“Hi, I ?? m calling acerca the apartment for rent. Is it still available? “

“Hello, my name at the apartment for rent. Is still available?”

Questions about the area in which it is

“I ?? d like to see it. Would you mind if I ask a few questions acerca the apartment first? “

“I would like to see it. Would you mind if I ask a couple of questions on the first floor? ”

Questions about finding floor in English

Where’s the apartment located?

Where it is located the floor?

Is the apartment furnished or unfurnished?

Is it furnished or unfurnished?

How long is the lease?

How long is the lease?

How much is the rent?

How much is the rent?

Does the rent include utilities?

Does the rent includes the services?

Are pets allowed?

Are pets allowed?

How close is it to public transportation?

How close is public transport?

How far is it from the school?

How far is the school?

Is it close to the university?

Are you near the university?

Are there any facilities in the building?

Are there facilities in the building?

Is there a place to park my car?

Is there room to park my car?

Finding accommodation in English could be a slow and stressful process. Do not miss the last minute and do not lose hope if you do not get the first place that you liked – the rental market is very large and you will surely find anything that fits your budget. Persevere and you will succeed!

And by the way, remember to make sure you understand the terms of the lease before signing.

If you want to advance your learning English to travel or live in another country, our online English course EF Inglés Live or our English schoolsin Madrid and Barcelona EF Inglés Centers offer all the tools necessary to get from private and group classes native teachers available all day until apps to get you learning in your spare time.

How to exercise in a small apartment without using weights

Living in a small space can be great in your budget, but a little hard on your lifestyle – such as adjusting all her clothes in a small closet, preparing meals at a small desk and pressing a sweat session all the body in a few square meters of space. Exercising in a small apartment can be simple, free and not add to the confusion, if you can be creative with your belongings. Things You ‘ll Need soup cans
milk jugs
Chair Yoga mat
View More instructions here fitpro:

They depend on traditional exercises free equipment Mini sweat sessions. Tone your arms doing pushups or pull punches. Slender legs and tighten the ass with squats and lunges. Target your abs with crunches and bicycles backs.

Grab some old soup cans or milk jugs filled with water as a substitute for traditional weights. Use them for dumbbell curls, chest presses, overhead presses and bent – over rows. Your creativity will allow strengthen and tone your arms and back without spending money on exercise equipment.

Push your coffee table aside and do some yoga. If you follow an exercise video or create your own sequence of poses, yoga allows you to strengthen muscles and tone flabby areas. Turn it into “circuit training” cardio by alternating positions with intervals of jumping or running in place.

Make use of your furniture for a full body workout sitting. The use of a sofa or a sturdy chair, grip on the front of the seat and slide the bottom forward so it is floating in front of the headquarters. Leave your back to earth to target your triceps dips. Sit on the edge of the seat and foot jump out and throw your arms up in the air in a similar jumps movement. Turn it around and put your hands on the edge of your seat for inclined push – ups. Then change position with his feet on the seat and hands on the floor to decline push-ups.

Plank his way to a tight tummy and toned shoulders. Get into a position flat iron, feet extended behind you. Bend your elbows and bring forearms on the floor – elbows should be directly under the shoulders.Contract your abs to form a straight line from your head to your heels. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds.

Know the benefits of practicing yoga in the comfort of your apartment

This practice is now considered a lifestyle in which you care and you strengthen your whole body. It is noteworthy that has been practiced for a long time. For this very reason it has become one of the methods most complete physical and spiritual conditioning, because through postures known as “asanas” will promote the importance of self and will achieve internal balance.

If you want to know more about this interesting and productive theme to take your lifestyle to the next level, continues this reading and knows the benefits of practicing her yoga secrets review in the comfort of your apartment. Do not wait and take the opportunity to lead a healthier life. Go on learning without even leaving your home!

1. Significantly improves muscles and joints

When performing some sort of movements or postures some muscles do not have the ability to sustain for very long periods of time, then the need for others to assist in this function is created. By doing this kind of activity they will train the muscle groups and will gradually acquire the ability to perform postures and changing from one position to another, thus also will benefit the joints.


2. Weight Loss

This method not only help as a preparation for the body if you will want to start practicing a sport but also help significantly to lose those extra kilos or maintain that ideal weight. As mentioned, yoga also improve the muscles and joints also burns calories and contribute to weight loss in a healthier way, visit hcgdietinfo.net for more details.

3. Release of tensions

The practice of these techniques for a few minutes daily can be  a method of releasing all that stress that can accumulate daily performing work activities, not only by the movements that are required and the release of hormones but also techniques meditation to be used.

4. Internal Tranquility

During the day it can be a mind full of chaos and disruption caused by the responsibilities that must be fulfilled instead. In addition, there is the idea that to achieve some kind of peace it is necessary to visit places that allow you to have some connection with the serenity and natural beauty. This is not entirely true since you can achieve that kind of feelings if they have the resources to establish an internal connection.


* Details about the project
* Buying Tips
* Tips organization


5. You’ll feel more energetic

When the end of the day comes it is almost certain that you will feel physically exhausted and emotionally, for the move from one activity to another it is really exhausting. But take a few minutes a day to practice Yoga guarantees you the feeling of freshness and energy to finish the day in a better way and start another day with the most positive attitude and revitalizing.


6. You’ll have better flexibility and posture 

Besides having an excellent figure and a more positive attitude throughout the day, including these practices into your routine will help to have a stronger, flexible and healthy body because the positions used help you stretch, tone and strengthen all muscle mass and it will be reflected in the way you stand or walk.

7. The happiness you leave through the pores

Like any kind of physical activity will stimulate the release of endorphins which are responsible for causing feelings of well-being or happiness. Some research results have shown that this activity specifically releases more hormones compared with other exercises, because it focuses on performing movements that stimulate specific areas of the body.

No doubt that run this kind of techniques as part of a routine will bring benefits insurmountable. If you are one of those people who want to attract the best to your life yoga is something that you should not submit to negotiation, it is time to do something that looks inside and out. Namaste!