5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Today’s Hotels

Marketing for hotels is not something today. Hotel establishments have always put into practice different techniques to get themselves known and increase their volume of business. However, as time passes and new technologies are imposed, hotels must adapt the marketing strategies they adopt so as not to lose business opportunities. We are going to shell out some of them. 


1. Take advantage of the possibilities of Mobile marketing

In this age of Internet and smartphone phones, few things are more important than having a website and a booking engine adapted to the mobile. Users are increasingly making inquiries and reservations using mobile devices and tablets and hotels can not afford to lose these potential customers. In fact, according to a recent Google study, 39% of users use mobile devices to plan their trip.

On the other hand, the accommodations can also advertise their services through ads specially designed to be seen on the mobile.


Local search opt

2. Optimize web page for local search (local SEO)

Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is essential to make the website of our hotel easily accessible on the Internet. But in addition, it is very important to optimize the web so that it appears in the results of local searches and thus obtain nearby potential customers. Precisely because there are more and more smartphone phones, the search for local hotels is increasing.

That is why seo gold coast is essential to optimize the profile of the establishment in local directories and major search engines. In addition, to launch a consistent message and increase the credibility of our accommodation, we should always try to use the same information.


3. Encourage customers to leave comments

It is more than proven that the positive comments that customers write about the hotel have a great effect on the business: they increase click rates and improve the conversion. For this reason, hotels should dedicate a section of the website to show them and encourage customers to, once they leave the establishment, leave comments on the web pages of opinions, such as TripAdvisor. In addition, customer comments on pages like Google Plus Local also help validate it as a trusted business.


4. Have a good presence in social networks

Although hard to believe, there are still hotels that are reluctant to be present on social networks, or do so in a very residual way. If your hotel is one of them, you should get into the car as soon as possible to avoid losing business opportunities. The time that users spend on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks like Google+ or LinkedIn does not stop growing. The image that we project in them can help us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and to customer loyalty.

Email symbol on row of colorful envelopes


5. Fidelize customers through email marketing campaigns

Loyalty to customers who have already stayed in our establishment should be one of the main objectives of our email marketing campaigns. We can inform about the new services and facilities of the hotel and offer discounts or promotions if they book through the website. These are two of the main actions we can take to keep our clients interested and to decide to repeat their stay in our accommodation.