A simple accounting software for entrepreneurs and hotel business owners

It is true that the entrepreneur must know at least the three main financial statements are: Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow, although only a basic form. This task should be performed by your accountant but it can be done by the same entrepreneur with the help of a computer program.
One of these programs is XERO Online Bookkeeper , specialized for bookkeeping software your company.
Among its most important features it is to be able to see your cash flow in real time, automatically import your financial transactions, create and automatically send invoices and receive payments online.



The most interesting thing about this software is that you can see everything you need on one screen with a presentation much like WordPress, you can check your bank balances, recent sales and upcoming bills.
You can reconcile your accounts in a foreign currency if desired. Manage your personal expenses is simple with only review and approve your receipts. The presentation of its financial reports contain quick links to all original transactions.
Other options:
  • better manage their expenses and make bill payments to creditors large amounts.
  • See their customers and major suppliers to follow up immediately.
  • Tracking the movement of stock and billing even easier with inventory items.
  • easily upgrade fixed assets and depreciation schedules accurate information.
  • Simple budgeting tools to stay on top of spending and savings goals.
  • Security
A new feature now allows you to track your accounts through a mobile form application for smartphones such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.
If you are unsure can try the free version and pay nothing until you are ready, you can then choose between different packages as “Small” to US $ 19 / month, ideal for entrepreneurs, “Medium” to US $ 29 / month, ideal for small and medium businesses and “Large” to US $ 39 / ideal for business transacting in foreign currencies month.