Amaia Salamanca’s bow at Gran Hotel, its beauty secrets

Amaia Salamanca creates tendency always makes any appearance. The Spanish actress has just released the second season of Grand Hotel , in Antena 3, and again looks gorgeous, thanks to its beauty secrets and supuestísimo, to both his personal and professional life will smile. We present here the bun star Amaia Salamanca.

The protagonist of Gran Hotel, a series set in a Spanish hotel at the beginning of the twentieth century, sports a collection and spectacular dresses. Which we like is the semi-collected , ideal for a romantic evening .

The Amaia Salamanca in Gran Hotel is very easy to do. With the stripe in the middle , some loose strands on the face, then left ondularlos. After a secluded low, which can be combined with becomes twisted or loose strands . It is advisable to help with forks and thus make it more or less informal.

Besides the collected, to copy the look of Amaia Salamanca in Gran Hotel, the makeup plays a fundamental role. The actress, who has a beautiful smile and a very good raw material, has confessed more than once that what she likes to highlight of her face are the eyes. In fact, rather use the mascara, eyeliner on the upper eyelid and the lower eyeliner and pilaten after washing face.

Both in real life and in fiction always opt for a natural look . Amaia choose very natural blush tones soft, warm hues. The same happens with the lips, natural colors is passionate and committed to the nude lips with a slight sheen. Although it is his look for the series Gran Hotel, both the collection and the makeup are trend in full 2013.