Customer loyalty: the Nespresso case and Hotel

How to attend a host of Japanese nationality who is your spouse just died upon arrival at the hotel?  With this tough question began Albert Alvarez his presentation last week at ESIC Barcelona.

School gave me the opportunity to invite two rapporteurs to accompany me on my talk to partners of Coffee Forum , the first non-profit organization in the coffee sector in Spain.

The issue to be addressed: customer loyalty. So I thought to invite David Rodriguez and Carlo Calvino of Nespresso -for obvious reasons being goers Coffee Forum- and Albert Alvarez -Director General of the Hotel Avenida Palace – being the hotel industry a world where customer loyalty plays a key role.

Albert put us in the context of tourism in Barcelona, reminding us that it is the fifth city in the world where it is overnight and the fourth most cruise passengers, to put some macroeconomic data on the table.

The Avenida Palace hotel, with about 50,000 customers a year and located in the center of Barcelona, took very seriously that of loyalty, and that is, a prime location is not everything.

Albert told us two actions had been essential to achieve this:

  • Create the figure of Ambassador Hotel. A person is responsible for receiving guests and take them to the slightest problem arises or at the least of the complaints. Since we had Albert, this ambassador had even take a customer to the airport at the difficulty of taking cabs that day in Barcelona. “Small actions like this get deeper into the heart of our customer than any other” we said Albert.
  • Change the mentality of all the staff. In the Avenida Palace no beds are sold, experiences offered . The treatment at check in / out, advice on the attractions of the city, complaints management, accompaniment to any complications, etc. Everything, as a whole, loyalty.

How to attend a host of Japanese nationality who is your spouse just died upon arrival at the hotel? Thus began this post and so Albert went on : “This will not teach in college, no one explains how to deal with a situation of this caliber. The human quality of the hotel staff with that philosophy to offer an unforgettable experience, beyond a nice room to stay, was the key to managing this sudden crisis. ” This resulted in:

  • Hire a translator.
  • Talk to the embassy.
  • Provide psychological help.
  • Manage the paperwork involved expatriar a corpse.

All this added value, which has nothing to do with selling beds, provides a hotel like ours.So we do not compete with Airbnb , Albert answered, when asked one of the assistants on the online portal known private rental.

Come up with Nespresso:

David and Carlo began his presentation noting that loyalty begins with the employees themselves.

We showed a study by Bain & Company where employees explained unmotivated, or little faithful, costing between 5 and 10% of the total costs related to RR. H H. Start loyalty closed doors (employees) is crucial to make it out (customers).

nespresso compatible capsules sg is clear that companies compete only for a good price or product are condemned to die sooner or later, the key to success is to offer a brand experience.

To offer a high quality coffee is shown to help significantly to improve retention rates. The coffee in our country has very positive connotations, beyond the product itself. The data showed us that spoke offer a customer a good coffee while you wait, increases by 25% the chances that it recommend us.

Two stories, two sectors and two very different companies, but with a common denominator:  customer loyalty as the center of their respective strategies.

Thanks to the Hotel Avenida Palace and Nespresso for coming to share your experience!