How to clean hotel rooms

You can clean a hotel room in 30 minutes? And in 20?
The answer is yes.
But the fact remains that the finished work may not be the best, especially during high season and this is a detail that worries us, because it involves directly the opinion that our customers can take our hotel.

In today’s housing sector it has become particularly important opinions that customers leave on the various social networks. It is therefore vital not give the opportunity to a complaint which can not account can affect the reputation of our business.

When our guests enter the hotel room has been granted, they expect to see a perfectly clean and tidy room, as if they were the first to release it . We can not afford to stay somewhere with a minimum of dirt, nor can we forget that we pass any details of presentation. After show you how to reduce waste from a restaurant in the previous article, we introduce how to clean hotel rooms for you to get total satisfaction of your customers.

In this article we will:

– The cleaning work to be done in a room

– Convenient order to perform the tasks

– Cleaning products recommended

– Products Welcome to hotel

How to clean the room of a hotel

Hotel cleaningFor proper cleaning of the rooms, we should be clear that our goal is that the next customer who enters the room, you must have the feeling that is debuting for the first time. The most important for a flawless result, recommendation is to perform all the tasks that make up this work in the same order every time , and never olvideramos any corner or any work. Excellent cleaning is achieved only with the connection between the various departments of cleaning a hotel: laundry areas, lingerie and management must be united and perfectly coordinated.Here we present a list of tasks to be performed with the most effective and satisfactory framework defined by the cleaning staff, housekeepers and hotel managers over decades of experience.

Cleaning a hotel room step by step:

1. Open all windows for ventilation.

2. Collect all waste that customers have left and no longer serve. If we find any piece of clothing or any items of value that have forgotten, we will keep on the hotel site intended for lost items.

3. Remove all bed linens , carpets and used towels and send to the laundry section.

4. Check that all lights and electronic appliances in the room to work , if not, must notify the hotel technician.

5. Clean the bathroom . If we start cleaning the bathroom, we gain time for the room and the mattress is aired. The first step will be cleaning the tiles with a damp mop not scratch. Next, we apply disinfectant products , especially in the toilet, thus remove germs. We scrub the bathtub, sink and shower enclosurewith a product made for this purpose and dry them with a rag. We clean the mirrors with a spray bottle and go over the metallic elements. Finally, we put the towels and amenities in its assigned place and put a new garbage bag in the trash.

6. Make the bed with clean, ironed clothes.

7. Clean the room always in the same order to make sure we do not leave no corner. First we will draw the dust of cabinets and furniture and then clean up the windows and glass. Then we will replace the hangers , pens, candy, water and other products welcome. We must remember to close the windows and draw the curtains.

8.  Finally, sweeping and mopping the floor of the room and the bathroom.

Cleaning products

We have all kinds of cleaning products specific for each task and stop surface to achieve an active, fast and with perfect results work. We need disinfectant bath products , cleaners for glass and glazed surfaces, multipurpose and dusters for furniture and mop for surfaces.

The & Cleaning Carts greatly facilitate the cleaning of hotel rooms and buildings with many rooms. Allow for easy transport and light cleaning buckets filled with water and chemicals.