When the countdown begins before the big day, one of the most important points to make is the pre-wedding photo session. It represents the last moments in which they are engaged before starting their life together, which makes it very special. In addition, couples usually use the pre wedding photographer photographs of that session to illustrate their “Save the Date” in invitations and social networks, because through the images it is possible to express the love they feel and enjoy an intimate moment and that is where The importance of choosing an appropriate wardrobe for photographs that will last for the rest of their lives is clear. If you do not know exactly how to dress for a pre-wedding photo shoot, then pay attention:

Classic Timeless / Elegant

One of the most popular options for couples who want to get married is to use a set that sticks more to the elegant, with long dress and heels for her and suit or tuxedo for him. It is the perfect pretext to use a beautiful white dress that does not become the bride. While promised, you can wear a suit that you like and that may not be as formal as for the wedding.

Fun / Casual

If what you want is a session that is more attached to fun, relaxed style and  effortless,  then we recommend that you choose to wear jeans and flats with a blouse that you love and dark glasses. The groom may choose to use even sneakers and some leather jacket. The idea is that they feel comfortable rather than too fixed.


To better understand the romantic look we recommend you to be inspired by films like “La La Land”, where dresses with short backs, bright colors and high heels are the best option. The groom can use a dress pants with a shirt and suspenders vintage style . The result will be phenomenal.